BSc Audio Engineering

Best Score-LA EDGE film festival

Most Renowned Sound Engineer Award -TMT Awards

AirTV Oscars 2008 - Best Sound Oscar Award
HND Sound Production Award

Testimonials :

"Paul Wilkie sound is exactly what the doctor ordered. Not only will his compositions impress you, but he can also take direction, allowing you to have some say in how you want your product to turn out. He is indeed a delight and I will work with him over and over again."
Sheldon J Clarke

"I was very impressed with the speed and quality of Paul's work".


"Fast, efficient and talented. Paul is a pleasure to work with."

Mark Sandison

"Paul is an exceptionally talented engineer & composer who is a vital asset to our productions. I'm still amazed at the speed and efficiency of his turnover, we have never needed another engineer – he is that good!”

Scott Johnson
Mallard Productions

"As a composer and sound designer, Mr. Wilkie plays an extremely important role in our projects, and fulfills his duties with flying colors; his work is exceptional, he works with us until we are completely satisfied, works great with a team, and has a perfect attitude. Paul stands above and beyond other composers. He creates and makes appropriate changes to his work on a very timely manner, and his constant great compositions make him someone to rely on. With his talents and personality, the sky is the limit."

Connor Norman
Aesir Productions